Best Paying IT Careers

When you finish college, it’s time to start looking for a stable job that will provide the money that you need. If you finished an IT profile, you’re in luck because there are a lot of jobs on the market for you. The best part is that they pay a lot of money. If you want to know which are the best paying IT careers, continue to read this article. Here you will find out what these careers are for you to know what to aim for.

Mobile applications developer

The mobile applications developer career has an annual salary range of around $150000. The generous salary is due to the exponential growth in the mobile arena. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with this career path. Only the most talented developers can fill such a spot. But if you work hard and you love what you’re doing, you will succeed and earn a lot of money with this career. The greatest demand is for Apple iOS development, followed closely by Android application developers.

Business intelligence analyst

With an annual salary range of around $143000, the business intelligence analyst career is an option to be taken into serious consideration. If you follow this career, you will have to collect, analyze, and report on external and internal business data to support better decision-making. Your mission will be to identify actionable trends and translate them into reports that the non-technical business units can use to increase productivity, cut costs, and gain a competitive advantage.

Database manager

The database manager position will provide you around $150000 per year. Database managers are responsible for managing and organizing the organization’s data. Therefore, if you opt for this career path you have to be the type of person who has patience and who pays attention to details. The database managers are tasked with ensuring that the data is accurate, secure, and readily accessible to other user groups. The database is the heart of key business systems that drive sales, manufacturing, and payroll. This is why skilled database managers command top dollar for the services that they provide.

Network architect

The network architect position will provide around $157000 per year. This position requires you to design and build computer networks and telecommunications systems, such as LAN, WAN, VoIP systems, and intranets. The position as a network architect is one that won’t ever disappear due to its importance in specialized firms. It’s a top-paying IT job with a bright outlook. Therefore, if you are interested in going down this path, don’t hesitate. You will have only to earn from occupying this position.

Applications architect

The applications architect job offers around $149000 per year. This job requires you to wield a broad view of an enterprise’s software footing along with software development expertise and project management. You will have to direct the design of applications from concept throughout completion while ensuring adherence to the development methodology of the company’s software.

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