Best Rated Home Cinema Theaters of 2016

Home cinema theaters are starting to gain people’s interest because they allow them to recreate the ambiance of a real cinema in the intimacy of their home. With a quality home cinema theater, you can experience great images and sounds like you were in a public cinema surrounded by professional video and sound equipment. To make sure your home cinema room will be a perfect entertainment place for you and your family, here are the best rated home cinema theaters the year 2016 has brought to you.


For only $850, this movie projector can be considered a great deal that offers great quality pictures at a 1080p resolution and plenty of contrast. The colors are bright and well-saturated and the 3D performance makes this device great for games and movies. What is really great about this home cinema theater is the short throw lens that lets you sit close to the screen without tempering with the picture quality and your sight. This device features a SmartEco mode that serves for adjusting the lamp power so you can get great pictures with minimum light use. Keep in mind that although this is a 3D-ready device, the glasses don’t come with the package and you have to purchase them separately. Still, this projector is one of the best deals for its price.


The only flaw of this home cinema theater we could find is the absurd $3,850 price that we blamed on the brand and the high-tech features. Other than that, this device can only be considered a top equipment for any home cinema. It comes with both horizontal and vertical lens shift so you can choose where to place it and it can support 3D content for life-like pictures and games. It offers Multi Pixel Control that improves 2K to 4K up-conversion and allows for smartphone operational control.

Optoma HD20

This movie projector costs $1,000 and the features offered for the cost are quite impressive. First of all, it uses DLP technology that offers a great picture at various resolutions of 1080p, 1080i, and 720p HD along with some standard definitions for several countries. Given that it uses DLP, you might notice something called color artifacting which are small color streaks that you can see in darker images, but you shouldn’t be worried about that. The projector features a great contrast and 1,700 Lumens of brightness for crystal clear images and the best multimedia experience.

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