Clever Devices for a Secure Home

Can you and your family be safe these days, in your own home? Unfortunately, increasingly more burglaries take place all over the world, due to the fact that people do not secure their homes, or they do not do it properly. Thanks to some clever devices such as the garage door opener or the security camera, you can keep your home safer and protect it against intruders. Here are the most clever devices for a secure home that everyone should have in order to protect not only their family but their goods as well.

Foscam FI9803P outdoor home security camera

If you decide to go for an outdoor security camera, then this product is a wonderful choice. The device features one of the easiest connection setups, and therefore, you can install it yourself without any sort of problems. The unit gives you two options to store your video footage, by using the Foscam Cloud service, or on a hard drive. Foscam FI9803P outdoor home security camera will send email alerts, and it will provide a great picture quality, which is essential in order to see even the smallest details, in case a suspicious activity takes place on your property. All in all, having an outdoor security camera installed in your back or front yard, will definitely make burglars think twice before they actually break into your house.

Sommer 3/4 hp Direct Drive garage door opener

If you own a garage, then it is necessary to secure it, due to the fact that lots of burglars break into houses through the garage door. Therefore, you must take precautions and avoid this by installing a garage door opener and the reviews you can find on the website will come in handy in choosing the best unit for your home. As a recommendation, check out the Sommer Direct Drive because it is a powerful and very quiet device and these are without a doubt some great advantages. It is a reliable product that comes with the best warranty on the market which is a lifetime coverage on the motor, parts, and lift system. Sommer 3/4 hp Direct Drive garage door opener can lift doors up to 550 pounds, including wooden double wide doors. The unit includes a wall control panel, 2 remote controls, and a pair of infrared light sensors. Great safety functions are provided, so that you ad your family can be safe at all times.

August Smart Lock

If you want to get the most clever devices for a secure home, then you should not forget to purchase August Smart Lock as well. Once you install a device like this to your door, you and your family can feel safe. The device secures very well any home, and it gives you total control regarding who has access to your home while you are away, and who doesn’t. It is always on due to the fact that it is powered by batteries, and it doesn’t actually matters if the power goes down. Very easy to install and very clever, this device worth every penny.

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