Essential Winter Gizmos and Devices

Winter is that time of the year when you most need the help of advanced gadgets that will help you get through the cold days and the snow that gives you a hard time. Whether you need something to help you clear the way out of the garage or you want to stay warm at all times even if you are not at home, one of the gadgets and gizmos presented below will surely come to your help. Check out this list if essential winter devices that you must have during winter.

Snow Joe Max snow blower

Your yard will require a winter cleaning after all the snow that falls and the easiest way to get rid of all that snow is to use a snow blower. The Snow Joe Max SJM988 starts instantly at the push of a button and delivers a high power that can move up to 650 pounds of snow per minute. It has an 18-inch clearing path to remove large amounts of snow and not even pavement can stand this snow blower. It’s compact, lightweight, and easy to handle and it will help you get out of the winter with little effort. To find more details on this snow blower and many others, take a peek at SnowBlowers.Reviews and read the reports and comparisons available here so you will make an idea on how important such a machine can be in winter.

USB heated blanket

Nothing can be worse than freezing in the winter when you are driving or when the office is not heated enough. The USB blanket will keep you warm in the car, at home, at work, or in any other place where you have a USB port available. It comes with two different ports so you can get two levels of heat by plugging either one or both USB ports. The blanket is very soft and it heats instantly so you will no longer freeze during cold days of winter or in any other chilly day.

Therma Cell heated soles

Everyone hates the feeling of cold feet in winter and with all the snow and the low temperatures, it’s hard to keep your feet warm. Not anymore, since with the Therma Cell heated soles, all your shoes will become warmer and more comfortable. These soles are adjustable and can be used as heated soles as well as normal soles to adjust your shoe size. You operate them using a remote and the heat stays for up to 5 hours on medium level and 3 hours on the high level.

Sunjack Heat Bank hand warmer

Not only your feet require a warm up but your hands as well and this device is the perfect aid for cold winter days. It’s a palm-sized gadget that can be charged to a power outlet and the energy collected will be transformed into heat that will warm your hands. It also works as a phone charger so you will benefit in many ways.

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