Innovative Bathroom Gadgets

If you thought that the bathroom was the area of your home where technology wouldn’t reach, you will change your mind once you discover the following innovative bathroom gadgets. Their cutting-edge design is only exceeded by the interesting working mode and the advanced features they boast. If you are a fan of technology and you want to bring it into your bathroom as well, check out the most impressive gadgets available.

Shower Head with Speakers

If you like listening to music while you shower, this gadget from Kohler will meet all your needs as it comes with a built-in Bluetooth that allows you to connect it to a smartphone or tablet so you can listen to music in the shower. You will no longer have to turn the radio loud to cover the water noise since this shower head has speakers right next to your ears so you can enjoy clear sounds.

Smart Toilets and Bidet Seats

Although it sounds crazy, you can enjoy a smart toilet seat that can sense your presence and adjust its parameters so you can enjoy a comfortable time in the bathroom. The Kohler Numi toilet has a motion-activated seat that warms up, acts like a bidet, features air dryers and deodorizers, can keep your feet warm, is illuminated and plays music while you sit on it. If you don’t like the idea of changing your toilet right now, you can opt for the bidet toilet seats with an advanced technology that allows them to heat up and spray water into the bathroom to adjust the temperature and pressure.

Digital Shower Controls

Make every shower an ultimate relaxing experience with a digital shower control also from Kohler that enables you to adjust your shower ambiance. This gadget lets you select various angled body sprays, it allows you to customize the temperature, offers you hydromassage and chromotherapy options, and enables you to listen to music while you shower. All with the simple touch of a user-friendly interface.

High-tech Tub

If you prefer sitting in a tub filled with water rather than taking a shower, you can choose to upgrade your bathtub to the next level. The model from Kohler lets you customize your bath preferences through a wide range of features like playing sonic rhythms above and under water for soothing aching muscles, chromotherapy for advanced health benefits, aromatherapy for enjoying pleasant scents, and a sound system for your personal favorite music.

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