Innovative Gardening Devices

When it comes to gardening, most people use regular tools that don’t offer too many features or possibilities to increase yield and maximize work. If you are looking for more in your gardening tools, you should check out the next innovative gardening devices that not only improve your efficiency and maximize your gardening results but also reduce the amount of time and the effort you put in gardening.

Parrot Flower Power sensor

With this sensor, you can monitor and analyze the needs of your plants in terms of water, fertilizer, and light. Since every plant has its own needs, this sensor is very helpful in helping you determine the next steps in growing your plants. Simply insert the sensor in the soil and it will take measurements of the light, moisture, fertilizer and temperature. It also includes a database of over 7,000 plants so you will know the needs of each type. This sensor connects to any smartphone or tablet.

Smart Irrigation Controller

The Evecontroller and the Evesensors included in this device make lawn watering a lot easier by taking guessing out of this gardening chore. It schedules watering based on the local forecast thanks to the Evesensors that you have to spread around your yard. Once the sensors capture the data they send a signal to the controller that starts watering the lawn. The controller handles up to 16 zones and is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.


This is an innovative smartphone-controlled plant growing system that can handle a wide range of plants, fruits, and vegetables. It creates the perfect growing conditions that include temperature, humidity, and light since it contains its own automated irrigation system and its own heating system. As for the light, Niwa includes led grow lights that provide the proper amount of light for each plant and each growth stage. All you have to do is plant the seeds, tell the app what plant you are growing, and Niwa will adjust the growing environment according to the type of plant.

The Muwi lawn mower

This is a true innovation in terms of lawn mowers not only due to the interesting cylindrical shape but also due to the ingenious operating mode. Muwi first analyzes the size of the grass then it starts cutting it automatically. The remaining grass is compressed inside the Muwi and turned into blocks so you will no longer have to collect it and throw it away. Once these blocks are dried, they go back into the soil so be recirculated into nature’s cycle.

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