Most Reliable Radar Detectors

Among all the car gadgets you can think of, the radar detector is the first one that comes to your mind when it comes to driving comfort and safety. The accurate road information they provide can keep you away from speeding tickets and can help you ditch road cameras and even high-traffic areas so you can enjoy a more pleasant driving. For the best detecting results, you need to use a reliable radar detector that will provide useful information, so one of the following radar detector models is what you need.

Whistler CR90

This is one radar detector that delivers accurate information on three radar bands used by the police, which are X, K, and Ka. It also detects laser police guns, so its array of efficiency increases. When it detects a radar close to you, you will receive a blue LED signal on the display so you will know how strong the signal is. Voice alerts are also available so you can keep your eyes focused on the road without having to look at the radar detector. The Stay Alert feature of this car gadget is meant to keep you focused on driving through some beeps that require you to press a button so the unit will know that you are paying attention to the road.

Escort Passport 9500ix

The reliability of this radar detector is hardly matched by any other model due to some useful features it is equipped with. It can detect X, K, Ka, and laser bands for maximum coverage and the Defeat database it comes with offers the locations of thousand of potential threats. The device also shows the distance to the detected radar so you will know how much time you have to adjust your driving speed. The database is constantly updated to make sure you will only receive accurate information. The AutoLearn feature enables it to memorize false alerts so you will no longer receive notifications from garage door openers or security camera systems.

Cobra SPX 7800BT

This radar detector can also detect threats on the X, K, and Ka radar bands so you can stay away from speeding tickets. It can even detect six of the most advanced laser police guns and two safety system signals so you won’t receive so many false alarms. A great feature of this radar detector is the Bluetooth connection that enables it to connect to a smartphone and use the Cobra iRadar app that contains over 40,000 threats.

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