Small Kitchen Appliances with Innovative Features

Kitchen appliances are no longer the plain and boring devices with common designs and features that didn’t impress much nor added sophistication and style to your kitchen. Nowadays, you can find stunning units with amazing designs and the most advanced features that make them a great addition to any kitchen, especially to one decorated in a modern style. Here are some of the most impressive small kitchen appliances with innovative features meant to make your life easier.

Samsung Glass Touch Screen Microwave

From the moment you lay eyes on this microwave oven, you can tell that it’s packed with the best features you could find in a microwave. First of all, it looks very nice, with a sleek stainless steel and glass finish designed to boost the interior of your kitchen. The bottom touch screen control panel makes this unit look very modern and adds to the ease of use of this appliance that can be easily integrated into the design of slide-in electric ranges. Moreover, the ceramic enamel interior makes this unit easy to clean and scratch-free for the best performance in the best conditions. You can save energy by illuminating your cooktop with the innovative and stylish LED lighting that spreads a soft bright light over your cooktop.

Smarter Coffee Maker

Since the coffee maker is the top appliance that you can find in most homes, it was about time technology reached these devices and turned them into high tech appliances. You will love the idea of being able to connect your coffee maker to the internet in your house so you can control it from a distance by simply using your smartphone. The Smarter coffee maker is an innovative gadget that allows you to remote brew fresh coffee from anywhere in your house so you can have it start brewing before you reach to the kitchen. Using a smartphone app, you can select the intensity of your coffee, the time you want it to be brewed, you can keep it warm or you can clean the coffee maker with the touch of a button. Available in three colors, this coffee maker will become the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

Smart is the new quality of small kitchen appliances like this slow cooker that can connect to the internet in order to offer you freedom and comfort in cooking. Although the design of this unit doesn’t make it stand out, it impresses with the high-tech features that allow it to connect to the internet for remote cooking. Using the WeMo smartphone app, you can set the slow cooker to prepare your meal in the same traditional and delicious way, with the difference that it’s more comfortable and high tech.

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