Smart Microwaves with Advanced Features

A modern kitchen must have the latest appliances in it for it to be complete and functional. The kitchen appliance that mustn’t miss from a modern home is definitely the microwave. The market is filled with smart microwaves that offer a lot of attractive features that can make your life easier. But some models stand out from the rest due to their high quality. Therefore, if you want to find out which are the smart microwaves with advanced features that you should be on the look for, read the following lines.

Sharp R-1874

For around $570, you can add the Sharp R-1874 smart microwave to your modern kitchen. This model offers both convection and microwave cooking options due to its built-in sensors. Therefore, it increases the variety of food that you can prepare with it, making it function as more than a simple microwave. The circulating hot air that this unit provides will offer you the chance to cook and brown the food evenly and quickly. It offers a ground-breaking number of 12 programmed convection settings for you to choose from. In addition, it provides 8 sensor cooking options that you can choose from and that allow you to cook items like bacon, popcorn, seafood, and vegetables.

Samsung M E21F707MJT

Another smart microwave that will make your life easier due to its advanced features is the Samsung M E21F707MJT that you can buy for the price of $500. This model will help eliminate the guesswork out of preparing microwaved foods with its 12 sensor-cooking options. Therefore, your food will always be done perfectly without you having to sit next to the microwave to make sure that everything is alright. It offers several auto cycles that are programmed for specific foods. It has pre-set programs for softening cream cheese and butter, and for melting chocolate, butter, and kid’s snacks. The keep-warm feature will keep your food at the perfect temperature until you’re ready to eat it. In addition, this smart microwave is able to clear the air at 400 cubic feet per minute. The ventilation system of this unit combined with the fact that it’s an over-the-range microwave makes it perfect to place above the stove. Practically, this microwave eliminates the need for a range hood.

Kenmore Elite 80373

Last on our list of smart microwaves with advanced features comes the Kenmore Elite 80373 model. To purchase it, you have to spend $600. To make your life easier, this model offers options for microwaving and convection cooking. The strategically placed fans of the microwave circulate the hot air to cook your food evenly and quickly. To help eliminate guesswork, the microwave features sensor cooking. This means that you won’t have to check on the food once every 2 minutes ever again because the humidity sensors will determine and set the proper temperature. In addition, it features the innovative programmable 2-stage cooking cycles function. In case you need to prepare food that requires a change of power throughout the cooking process, you can choose 2 different power levels for 2 different time durations. The microwave will automatically adjust the power level when the time comes.

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