State of the Art Space Heaters for Modern Homes

A modern home deserves modern devices and appliances. Therefore, if you want to maintain your home warm throughout winter without ruining its modern appearance, read the following lines and choose one of the state of the art space heaters presented here.

Dyson AM09

For only $450, you can have the Dyson AM09 fan heater in your home. This amazing space heater can be used throughout the year due to the fact that it offers cooling capabilities as well. Therefore, if you invest in this state of the art device, you will be able to keep warm during winter, and you will maintain your home cool during summer as well. The most obvious advantage that this space heater has is its bladeless design. This makes it safe to use for those who have children or pets. The Air Multiplier technology that it uses creates a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow. The Jet Focus control allows you to set the space heater to either provide with a long-range powerful airflow, or a wide projection. It’s energy efficient. Therefore, running this unit won’t cost you a lot when it comes to the energy bills. Also, it’s extremely quiet, being the perfect addition to the nursery or the bedroom.

Dr. Infrared Heater

A state of the art space heater that will offer you the best results due to the fact that it uses infrared heat is the Dr. Infrared Heater, which is among the top picks. This website is an excellent source of information regrading infrared heaters, and you should definately visit it if you plan on buying a space heater. You can have the Dr. Infrared Heater for the low price of $100. It offers two heat settings for you to choose from. It’s energy efficient. It can effectively warm rooms that span up to 1000 square feet in size. The temperature settings of this infrared heater range between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. What makes it better than most models on the market is the fact that it produces 60% more heat than they do. Also, it has a gorgeous design that makes it the perfect addition for any room that you decide to use it in.

Vornado ATH1

Last but not least on our list of state of the art space heaters for modern homes comes the amazing Vornado ATH1 tower heater. To purchase it, you will have to spend only $130. The futuristic design makes it the ideal heating solution for a modern home. It offers 2 heat settings and 2 airflow settings for you to choose from. It might not oscillate, but this tower heater still provides superior heat distribution due to its ingenious design. It is able to maintain the room temperature that you have selected due to the fact that it uses the Auto Climate Control feature. This feature manages heat output and fan speed in order to provide amazing results. In addition, the exterior is cool to the touch, a fact that makes it a very safe option for those who have children and pets.

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