Tech Innovations for Better Sleep

Since more and more people have sleeping issues caused by various problems related to stress, health, or lifestyle, many devices have been developed in order to offer them a soothing and relaxing sleep. Discover below some useful tech innovations that can help you improve the way you sleep.

Climate Control

A good night sleep is influenced by some aspects of the sleeping environment namely the temperature and the humidity levels that either ease or worsen your sleep. Using a humidifier improves the comfort of your sleep by reducing nasal congestion and dry throat, two symptoms that many people experience in a dry room. Since the humidity level is also related to the room temperature, the technicians at ResMed have developed Climate Control, a device that solves the humidification issue so you can sleep better at night. You set your desired temperature and Climate Control adjusts the humidity level by using feedback from five different signals so that the temperature will maintain the proper humidity throughout the night.

Conair Sound Therapy

When looking for the best sound machine for sleep, make sure you take into account this model designed to offer you the most peaceful and relaxing sleeping environment through the soothing sounds it emits. The white noise feature enables this sleep-improving device to mask disturbing noises that might interfere with your sleep. In addition, you can choose from 9 other soothing sounds that mimic nature sounds so you will manage to get a restful sleep.

Sleep trackers

Knowing not only how much you sleep but also how ell you sleep during the night is essential for improving your sleep. A sleep tracker is a wearable technology gadget that memorizes your pre-bedtime activities, you sleeping schedule, and your sleep phases at night in order to determine your personal sleep habits. Many fitness trackers include a sleep-tracking feature because it’s related to how effective your workout sessions will turn out to be. If you don’t want to wear a bracelet all the time, you can opt for Beddit, a bed sensor that slips under your sheets and determines your heart rate, your breathing rate, and your snoring in order to help you determine your sleep pattern.

Sleep Smart mattress

Mattresses have also been designed using advanced technologies that make them more than just a sleeping item but a high tech gadget designed to improve your sleep. The Sleep Smart is a mattress built on 3 adjustable support zones that allow you to customize your sleeping environment. The IntelliMax lumbar support zone is designed to offer you core support that you can adapt according to your body shape. The IntelliMax power base features a built-in Bluetooth with settings like Zero Gravity or Anti-Snore so you can combat various sleep issues. Thanks to the IntelliMax mobile app, you can control the settings of the mattress using your phone.

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